What to Give a girlfriend for 20 Years Birthday? (27 Best Ideas)

What to Give a girlfriend for 20 Years Birthday: A friend is a very important person in life who will always lend a helping hand, give good advice, and be there no matter what happens. Therefore, she would like to give something special and memorable for the anniversary, which she will definitely be happy about. But to choose this “something” is oh, how not easy! Before the holiday, you have to go through a lot of options, but the right one is still not found. This happens often, and there is nothing to worry about, because on the Internet you can find everything, including the best 20th birthday wishes for a girlfriend for 20 years.

What to consider when choosing a gift for a girlfriend for 20 years

20 years is a serious date, so the search for a present should be taken seriously. I want everything to be perfect on this day, and the smile never left the girl’s face. To make the holiday go just like that, pay attention to the following points:

  • Time – no need to drag out the preparation to the last! Now many people prefer to give memorable gifts, and their production takes some time.
  • Budget – think in advance about how much you can spend on a gift and determine the limits of your capabilities. It is also advisable to set aside a small amount for flowers and beautiful packaging.
  • Character – it plays a very important role in the choice of a present. For example, a restrained and withdrawn girl should choose classic gifts, but a fun and an unpredictable friend will suit original surprises.
  • Hobbies – if the birthday girl is fond of something, she will be pleased to receive a gift related to her hobby.
  • Packaging – do not forget to decorate your gift beautifully. As packaging, you can use both a gift box and wrapping paper.

It is also important to come up with a beautiful and original congratulation. You can complement a gift for 20 years to a friend with a cute homemade postcard or poems – in any case, try to turn on your imagination and make the day memorable!

TOP best gifts for a girlfriend for 20 years

For a close friend, you always want to arrange a real holiday, and it is best to start the organization with a choice of presents. Here are the best gifts that you can give a girlfriend for 20 years:

  1. A certificate to a clothing store – you should not give exactly clothes, because your tastes may not match. A much better solution would be to present the girl with a certificate, with which she can choose things on her own and please herself with new clothes.
  2. A mirror with LED lighting is the perfect assistant for applying makeup.
  3. A chain with a pendant is a beautiful and delicate gift that a girl will definitely like. It is advisable to choose products made of precious metals, as they look more elegant.
  4. Gift basket – fill the basket with your favorite goodies of the hero of the day, without which she simply cannot live! It can be fruits, sweets, nuts, or something else, depending on a friend’s preferences.
  5. Bag – a product made of genuine leather will charm at first sight, but when choosing, be careful and consider the tastes of the birthday girl.
  6. Gloves and a scarf – if the holiday falls in the cold season, then such a gift would be quite appropriate. Beautiful accessories will never be superfluous and will save your hands and neck from the wind.
  7. Earrings are the most common jewelry that is well suited as a present. Their assortment is simply huge, so you will definitely succeed in finding something for your girlfriend!
  8. Curling iron – many girls do styling, so a curling iron is always needed. Choose a quality model that will last a long time and will not harm your hair.
  9. A wristwatch is a luxurious accessory that will look beautiful on your hand and complement the image of your girlfriend.
  10. UV lamp – girls, do not feel sorry for any means to create the perfect manicure. Especially popular lately is a gel polish, for which a lamp is needed. Such a gift will allow you not to waste time on the master and do a manicure yourself.

Presents from this list are very popular and suit many girls. However, this does not mean that they can be given to absolutely everyone without taking into account the peculiarities of the birthday girl. Try to choose the gift that will best suit her desires and tastes.

Gifts for care and beauty for a girlfriend for 20 years

In order to really like the present and not be sent to a distant box on the very first day, its practicality is important. The item should be useful – trinkets are no longer worth giving at this age.

Here are some good ideas that you can give a girlfriend for 20 years, for beauty and personal care:

  1. Purse – every girl needs a leather accessory, so feel free to choose this option. Choose the color that the birthday girl prefers. Also, remember that it is not worth giving an empty wallet, as this is a bad omen – put at least a couple of bills there;
  2. Ring – elegant jewelry made of gold and silver will be an excellent gift that will remain in memory for a lifetime. In order not to miscalculate with the size, try to find out exactly;
  3. Hairdryer – it is best to choose a professional model with several nozzles and temperature conditions;
  4. Silk scarf – with its help, it will be possible to diversify the images and add something new to them. Try to find a handkerchief that matches the color of your eyes;
  5. A certificate to a perfume shop – picking up perfume is not very easy, since it is very important to know a friend’s preferences. And the certificate will allow her to purchase exactly the perfume that she really likes;
  6. A set of decorative cosmetics – you can choose professional palettes with a large selection of shades so that the girl can try new makeup options;
  7. Facial cleansing kit — a special soft brush and foam will provide gentle facial skincare and give you an excellent mood for the whole day;
  8. Footbath – the product is equipped with a hydromassage function that will provide rest and care for the legs.

You can also give your friend handmade jewelry to order. An unusual gift will definitely leave only positive emotions and impressions.

Inexpensive birthday gifts for 20 years old, girlfriend

Sometimes, there are situations when the wallet is almost empty before an important date. Do not worry – even in these moments, you can please a loved one with a wonderful holiday.

Here are some options for what you can buy as a gift for a small amount:

  1. Printed Mug – You can print cool text, a photo, a picture, and more whatever you want on it. Many services provide such services with photo printing, and such a gift is quite inexpensive.
  2. An interesting book – if a friend loves to read, then you won’t find a better gift. You can add a present with an interesting bookmark.
  3. An umbrella is a beautiful accessory that will become a part of autumn outfits and will help you not get wet during the rainy season.
  4. A set of makeup brushes is a trifle that will always come in handy for a modern girl.
  5. A stylish diary – in the 21st century, it is simply necessary to be able to plan days and weeks, so such a present will help the birthday girl become more organized.

If the situation is very difficult, you can prepare a gift with your own hands. For example, anyone can make a beautiful card or a cake. Such an original gift for a friend’s birthday will make her smile and the most sincere emotions!

Commemorative gifts for a girlfriend for 20 years

Everyone loves to make pleasant surprises so that you can give your friend something very unusual and memorable. For example, some present from the following list:

  1. A unique photo session – beautiful photos are important for a girl, so for her 20th birthday, you can order a photo session in an unusual place with a professional. He will suggest suitable poses, choose locations and do everything to make the pictures great;
  2. Portrait – you can order a picture only with a photo of the birthday girl or with your joint photo. In any case, the portrait will remind you of your friendship for a very long time;
  3. escaping alarm clock – will help to get even the real sleepyhead out of a warm bed;
  4. Photo blanket – for it, use joint photos that have accumulated during your friendship. A warm blanket will keep your friend warm on cold evenings, reminding you of good moments;
  5. Video – record a video greeting in which you say a lot of beautiful congratulations and use a lot of photos.

You can also give a real salute. Arrange with mutual friends or relatives of a friend to meet under her windows at midnight and then ask her to look out the window. Loudly congratulate her on her DR and set off colorful fireworks. She will not soon forget this congratulation!

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