Methods of Monetizing a Blog

I started searching on google for articles on how to monetize a blog. Surprisingly, most of them are from a few years ago. Profile forums where dozens of opinions are exchanged daily about affiliate marketing now have only a few posts.

Hundreds of opinions about earnings in blogs have been replaced by articles in which bloggers say goodbye to this popular monetization method.

Most of us started writing on the blog out of passion and a desire to exchange opinions with a close community around the blog. But I think few did not have the secret desire to make money from this hobby.

After all, nothing is wrong, a quality article takes time, and time costs money; you expect to get back not directly from readers but with their help. Here’s the solution; it’s a win-win situation. The reader receives quality content, and the blogger is encouraged to write more, more often, and better.

I was looking at some older comments on my book blog, and when I accessed the commenters’ links, I saw that over 80% of them no longer had the blog. This is the result of not being able to write for the sake of it and expecting to be rich quickly.

Are there any well-known ways to make money from a blog and what are my thoughts about these methods? I don’t make much money from this business; in fact, I only cover my costs, but I tested something from each method, so I can have a well-founded opinion, I say.

Google Adsense – the miracle of banners or text links, the ad you put on your blog and enrich you. Or not. You will try it, you will look hopeful for a few months, and you will probably give it up. Why? You need a lot of unique visitors a day to make some money. In addition, readers do not click much, loyal ones because they are used to the ads, and those who come from the search engines because they are too used to those ads on other sites.

Gabriel Ursan says he makes a few euros a day. One hundred fifty euros a month is an exciting target, which would make me test Adsense. Like Google Adsense, I tried Target at one point, but it paid off worse and had fewer advertisers.

Affiliate marketing seems like the best solution for a blog with less traffic, as long as you sell products that are somehow related to your blog’s specifics. You can’t write about books and have banners with sexy lingerie because no one will take it. I’ve seen successful IT or fashion blogs with good sales through affiliate links in reviews.

The banners no longer sell, neither the ones from 2parale nor the ones from Profitshare, although there are dozens of exciting promotions in them. And here we have seen that people earn better from English blogs, as in the case of Adsense.

Some say they earn hundreds of euros a month from adult content affiliate sites. This is also an option, but it is no longer written out of passion. However, affiliate marketing does not sell as it did a few years ago, mainly because several online stores are already very well known, and people go directly there when they want to buy a certain product.

Selling advertorials – I don’t like it. Google can penalize you for unnatural links, and loyal readers will feel that they have become a mere marketing tool. Obviously not, but many refuse to understand that the blogger is entitled to a profit.

You are promoting your products – especially handmade products, sweets, and homemade cosmetics. Rather, the blog becomes a sales channel, a medium for your notoriety.

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