Landmarks In Salciua

Don’t know where to go on vacation this year? We have an idea for you, namely in Salciua, in the heart of the Apuseni Mountains, a dream region where you will feel very good with your family or friends.

The Apuseni Mountains are a very attractive area for tourists. If you want to plan a longer vacation, you can go to Salciua, a centrally located depression, from where you have several options for hiking.

Besides other places to visit in Alba County, this region will fill your soul with joy, and you will be able to relax in a wonderful landscape.

Where is Salciua Located?

Salciua is a commune in the northern part of Alba county, is located in the Aries Valley. You have all kinds of attractions in the area, such as waterfalls, caves, forests, rocks, and reservations.

In Alba County, the tourist objectives are very many, and you will be able to spend a special vacation, visiting both places full of history and natural beauties.

What can you visit in Alba Iulia? Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the country, with a long history behind it, you also have many attractions in Alba Iulia.

You should not miss the Roman Principia Museum, the National Museum of the Union, Museikon (Museum of Sacred Art), the Roman Catholic Cathedral, the Coronation Cathedral, the Citadel Saints, but you can also walk through the beautiful Dendrological Park, or you can meet the challenge, along with those at the Dynamis Adventure Park.

By car, you can then head to Salciua, having to cross a road of 100 km. On the way you can also stop at Baia de Aries town hall, where you can find various tourist information, then you have 15 km to Salciua commune.

The name of this locality comes from the numerous willows that were spread in this area and whose branches were used to weave baskets. There are several villages gathered, and you have: Salciua de Sus, Salciua de Jos, Valea Larga, Dumesti, Sub piatra, Dealul caselor.

In Valea Larga, a wooden church is a historical monument that you should not miss.

What Can You Visit in Salciua?

You can look for accommodation in Salciua and schedule a few days because there are many beautiful places to visit:

Dragon Gate Cave

Which got its name from the impressive gate 15 m from the entrance to the cave. However, the entrance is quite small, having a height of only 2 m, but inside it opens, there are numerous halls, with a length of 125 m.

You can see formations specific to caves, such as stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, parietal leaks, etc. The cave is located in the village of Sub Piatra.

Huda lui Papara Cave

Although it is a special cave, about which much can be said: the longest cave in Romania, the most difficult, with the longest watercourse, with the largest waterfall, with the highest gallery, with the largest bat colony in Europe, etc., it is not possible to visit it without special training. In 1986 it was an attempt to arrange for tourists, but it was destroyed by a flood, being very dangerous in the area, when the snow melts or when it rains.

Detunata Reservation

Got its name because sometimes fragments come off, which make loud sounds in the fall. The reservation is in the Metaliferi Mountains and includes Goala (1048 m) and Focoasa (1265 m). The image is impressive, like a giant organ made up of hexagonal columns made of basalt rocks.

Ponatarului Hunting Reserve

It is a unique place, a depression with an almost flat bottom, and during the rains, a temporary lake is formed, which gave birth to many legends in the area.

In the eastern part of the depression, there is a high white-yellow limestone wall on which there are stripes of eggplant left by the draining of the water, which is why the place is called Ponator Hunting.

Although short, very spectacular, Cheile Vanatarii is also worth watching. Also here is the Vanatarile Ponorului Waterfall, which includes several waterfalls, on a length of 70-80 m, the largest having 25 m.

Sub Piatra Monastery

Sub Piatra Monastery is declared a historical monument built in Byzantine style.

Dumesti Village

It is a lesser-known village located in a dream area, where nature is the main attraction, a good place to relax. You can go hiking in the surrounding locations or just picnic with friends. Do not hesitate to visit Dumesti Alba, a place forgotten by the world but very picturesque.

Where Can You Stay?

After seeing everything that can be visited in Alba Iulia and you want to go to nature, to Salciua, you can look for accommodation to stay a few nights, with many hikes to do.

You can find a very comfortable place, right next to Huda lui Papara Cave, at the Sub Piatra pension. It can be reached by car, having a communal road at 5 km. It has parking, over 20 rooms, and a conference room, terrace, and restaurant. You can relax at the SPA center, provided by the pension, and you will also enjoy the traditional Romanian cuisine you have.

From the village of Sub Piatra Alba, you can go to visit all the beautiful places, starting the hike. In the evening, you can sit with your friends and family to admire the vault, and through the telescope, you will see a multitude of stars.

In Salciua de Jos, you can opt for Pensiunea Totu Bun, a perfect place for relaxation, but also fun, with a swimming pool, terraces, barbecues, playgrounds. You can benefit from the hosts’ kindness and take a cart or sleigh ride, depending on the season.

Do not hesitate to plan ahead for your next vacation. Willow is a very beautiful area, and the city of Alba Iulia should not be bypassed if you keep getting in the area.

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