Can Any Sewing Machine Do Free Motion Quilting?

In general, any sewing machine can perform quilting with the right accessories. However, some sewing machine brands offer the best sewing machine for free motion quilting with an extraordinary range for this task. These options and elements are beneficial to prioritize your sewing comfort but are not compulsory.

Necessary Accessories for Quilting

Now let’s see what a machine must have to be optimized for sewing patchwork. The following listed tools are suitable for quilting.

Quilting Presser Foot

The quilting presser foot is calibrated at a certain distance from the needle to allow you to sew each piece of fabric precisely. It helps you position yourself correctly and avoid wave movements, giving a poor-quality result once the fabrics are turned over and ironed. It is not essential once but strongly recommended for your sewing comfort to equip your machine with it.

Automatic Thread Cutter

The automatic thread cutter is not a luxury on Patch working works. If you want to switch from hand sewing to the machine, you know the number of times you will have to cut the thread to start on a new part of your work.

You consider it a gimmick at first but try with it and without it. You’ll find it’s almost essential if you don’t want to waste time. The majority of mid-range machines have this device. Check its presence before purchase.


You will need the “reinforcement stitch “or “bar tack” option to reinforce your seam’s end or beginning. More than a reinforcement, this one is useful for your thread to hold in place once your sewing is finished. It is an excellent way to assemble two parts before cutting the thread.

What Skill Do You Need for Free Motion Quilting?

The ability to move your needle is an essential skill to “lock” the distance perfectly. It requires your seam concerning the edge of your fabric.

In reality, this skill is also not compulsory because your presser foot allows you to follow your guideline regardless of the size of the edge of the fabric, but it is helpful if you want a seam more or less close to your edge. It depends on your realization, and maybe it is useful to you more at one time than another.

How Can You Start Sewing Your FMC?

  • After lowering the feed dogs and attaching the presser foot, you can start your machine – as you always do. Start sewing now!
  • Remember, free motion quilting, you’re in control! You determine the direction of the stitch line and the size of each stitch.
  • It’s just like driving a car: Coordinate and offset the sewing speed (gas pedal) by moving your hands (steering wheel).
  • Be patient with yourself! Start with a small quilt sandwich—a fat quarter is ideal—and quilt your favorite doodle. Add loops and combs once you’re comfortable and you’re on your way!

Final Verdict

Generally, the two realizations are complementary and follow each other naturally. Let’s say the free motion will represent a step in addition to the decoration provided by the quilting. Not all machines are capable of quilting.

However, be sure to select a machine capable of free motion. Generally, a machine with the free-motion function will have all the necessary options for quilting; the reverse is less true. But as we have mentioned earlier, most brands combine the two.

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