About Blogging Earnings

Passive income articles are the most read on my finance blog, and I’m glad to see so much interest. Passive income is that earned regularly, with little or no effort. Earnings from blogs can be quite difficult to fall into this category because, initially, you have to work hard to create a bidding article base and popularize the blog.

In addition, in recent years, we have seen that the vast majority prefer Facebook for the quick exchange of ideas, information and comments. Attracting readers to a blog is becoming, in my view, an extremely dependent process on popularizing it on social media, which is not such a simple thing.

I admit that I am interested in blogging, inspired by the success of some of them, especially externally.

How Can You Make Money From Blogging?

  1. Take a personal domain, a blog with the WordPress or Blogspot ending has not inspired a professional and passionately done thing for a long time;
  2. Choose an airy and professional theme for your blog;
  3. Don’t make blog gains an obsession; if they come, you will be able to rely on them in part or even in full;
  4. Make a blog only if you are passionate about writing otherwise, you will experience a lot of frustration if your earnings don’t show up;
  5. He often writes at the launch of the blog and then writes regularly;
  6. Try to write articles of over 300-400 words;
  7. Turn your blog into a community, respond to comments, always ask your readers what they care about;
  8. Comment on other blogs in the niche you are activating;
  9. Make social media pages of the blog and promote your articles on your profile.

After several attempts, I can tell you that a blog does not have to be full of banners to make money. A few affiliate links and quality information for readers are enough. Of course, you’ll also be attracted to contextual ads from Google Adsense. You will only gain from them if your blog has at least a few hundred unique readers a day.

Another source of income is the sale of advertising and advertorials on the blog. These will come when you become known.

At the moment, for me, blogging is mainly a hobby; the earnings here cover mainly my blog hosting.

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